Prix Ars Electronica “u19–create your world”

Ameisen im Haus

Sophie Dögl (AT), Nastasja Stempkowski (AT)

In Kepler’s Gardens at the JKU Campus – create your world
create your world: during opening hours

Young Professionals

Honorary Mention

What problems do you struggle with every day? What problems do I struggle with every day?

All around the world, people have various burdens to bear, and no two seem to be identical. To explore the uniqueness of the conflicts of every individual in more detail, in 2019 we composed a song as part of our music class. In this song we looked at the various problems people around the globe struggle with, ranging from mundane difficulties of everyday life to the uncertainty, particularly in countries where hunger and poverty are rampant, of whether sufficient money and resources are available to ensure survival.

Credit: tom mesic

In order to lend the lyrics more urgency, we decided to make a music video to accompany the song. The experimental film shows clips of animals that we used as a metaphor for the various problems. Film sequences of grimacing people establish a link between the animal world and us humans. The final result of a long period of development is colorful, experimental, and unusual and is aimed at getting people out of their bubble for a brief moment and giving them an overall view of the earth’s population.

Preview Video

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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

The audiovisual teacher who gave us honest feedback: Ramona Zdarsky; the music teacher who helped us with the audio recordings: Marco Battistella. Other composers of the song: Theresa Legerer, and Marlene Hell; actors in the film: Lola Hochenegg, and Nastasja Stempkowski; recording studio: Tonstudio Edlmair & Lenz OG. School: Hegelgasse 12.


Credit: Sophie Dögl (AT), Nastasja Stempkowski (AT)

Sophie Dögl (b. 2002) and Nastasja Stempkowski (b. 2002), students at Hegelgasse 12, met four years ago through school. They feel connected not only because they both want to express feelings and thought processes in moving pictures and photographs, but also because their collaboration and close friendship has been shaped by many mutual experiences, adventures, and moments of happiness. This duo hopes to create many more projects in the future.



These two artists draw on a long tradition in experimental filmmaking, using powerfully associative images and superimpositions to visualize the lyrics of a song they composed themselves. The color scheme subtly adapts to the mood that has been created and mutates parallel to the spoken poetic elements. On a metaphorical but not overladen level, many issues are addressed that concern the youth of today: the pressure to own the very latest phone, or the emotional distant and difficult relationship with parents, friends, and relatives are translated into word images in the form of cockroaches and insects that the authors placed deftly in the video. This poetic visualization is multilayered in its unagitated compactness, as a complete synthesis of the arts incorporating interwoven text, images, and sound.


Talent Talks

As a complementary international part of the category u19–create your world of the Prix Ars Electronica, jury member and moderator Conny Lee (AT) is talking with some of this years winners about their ideas, creativity and future visions.

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