Women in Art, Science and Technology


FEMeeting WEB 2020

set of short videos and audio podcasts
co-organized and co-hosted by FEMeeting, Cultivamos Cultura (PT), Leonardo/OLATS (FR) and The Sanctuary for Independent Media (US)

On 11 March, the FEMeeting 2020 organizing committee announced the cancellation of the first FEMeeting Troy and FEMeeting Paris on account of COVID-19. The two events, scheduled for March 20-21, marked the start of FEMeeting communities by focusing on the support of research and artistic initiatives developed locally by individuals who identify as women. Spring brought the flourishing of FEMeeting WEB, dedicated to the presentation of digital self-immunization, an alternative form of gathering and encouragement to collective personal exchange in times of physical lockdown.

Acquired Immunity

co-organized and co-hosted by FEMeeting, Cultivamos Cultura (PT) and The Sanctuary for Independent Media (US)

set of short videos
In response to the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, FEMeeting 2020 reshaped its call for participation and launched FEMeeting: WEB, dedicated to the presentation of its members’ digital contributions. This is a work in progress: a set of short videos with a variety of aesthetics that were collected under the title Acquired Immunity.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Vidhu Aggarwal (US), Roberta Buiani (CA), Annick Bureaud (FR), Nicole Clouston (CA), Ryder Cooley (US), Marta de Menezes (PT), Daniela de Paulis (NL), Anna Dumitriu (UK), Andrea Gogová (SK), Tamar Gordon (US), Margaretha Haughwout (US), Kathy High (US), Dalila Honorato (GR), Anna Lindemann (US), Mark Lipton (CA), Elizabeth Littlejohn (CA), Louise Mackenzie (UK), Alex May (UK), Domenica Mediati (CA), Branda Miller (US), Lila Moore (UK), Claire Nettleton (US), Irena Paskali (DE), Regine Rapp (DE), Boryana Rossa (BG/US), Stephanie Rothenberg (US), Danielle Siembieda (US), Dolores Steinman (CA), Lisa Thomas (US), Elaine Whittaker (CA), Jennifer Willet (CA), Amy M. Youngs (US), Jennifer Zackin (US), Karolina Żyniewicz (PL)

All Women Crew

co-organized and co-hosted by FEMeeting, Cultivamos Cultura (PT) and Leonardo/OLATS (FR)

audio podcast
When it became obvious that the 2020 Space Art Science Workshop All Women Crew would not take place this year, a remotely built collective contribution was put together to “celebrate women in art, astronautics and astronomy”. What has attracted you to space and which woman would you put in the “Hall of Fame” of astronomy and astronautics are some of the topics you are invited to enjoy.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Annick Bureaud (FR), Yulia Akisheva (FR), Hélène Ben Aïm Drieux (FR), Fabiane Borges (BR), Marie-Pier Boucher (CA), Kitsou Dubois (FR), Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves (FR), Elizaveta Glukhova (NL), Ségolène Guinard (FR), Michelle Hanlon (US), Flis Holland (FI), Dalila Honorato (PT/GR), Adriana Knouf (US), Minna Långström (FI), Aoife van Linden Tol (UK), Daniela de Paulis (NL), Mirjana Povic (ET), Neha Satak (IN)

Deck of cards, proposition & questions: Annick Bureaud, FR
Graphic design: Quentin Aurat, FR
Podcasts sound design: Jean-Yves Leloup, FR