aqua_forensic 2.0

The Aqua_forensic Workshops at the Adriatic Garden

With it, we wish to help illuminate the human impact on our waters at the micro / macro level and provide a guideline to the fascinating world of aquatic flora, fauna and minerals and its plight. The aqua_forensic project is known for its special devotion and affinity to participatory engagement through workshops.

We all have the capacity to pause, listen, observe and recognize the diversity and quality of the present environment. The aqua_forensic aims to encourage global and local audiences to familiarize themselves with the topics of water pollution and climate change, as well as actively engage in community work on these issues through citizen science oriented workshops. Scientific environments provide the sophisticated tools needed to undertake analysis and build predictive ecological models.

Citizen science, communities and their DIY approach serve to collect data, conduct local observations and provide insight into the historical patterns of change. They are thus of great importance to the project. All of the aqua_forensic practices, research methods and workshops are presented in an extensive Lab book, which was produced during PIFcamp, an annual art & science summer camp organized in the Julian Alps next to the beautiful Soča river. Its production would not be possible without the support of the Projekt Atol Institute team.

The Aqua_forensic 2.0 Lab book uses the methodological frame developed by Gjino Šutić and Robertina Šebjanič with the help of Antonia Marčep from the Ur institute team. The artist and researcher Miha Godec joined their endeavors and developed his take on the aquatic forensic structures by building a device that sonifies water samples according to their purity.