Art in Flux

Art in Flux: Media Arts Now

Online exhibition
9th September – 11th October 2020

Art in Flux presents a new virtual exhibition for Ars Electronica’s online program.

Art in Flux is a not-for-profit organisation committed to furthering the development of the media arts community in the UK. Our virtual exhibition will provide key insights about the organisation featuring archival images and video from our program over the last 4 years.

As an artist led platform, the organisation’s founders, Aphra Shemza, Maria Almena and Oliver Gingrich, use their work as a starting point for the research and curation of the yearly program. The exhibition will showcase works from the Art in Flux founders that demonstrate the breadth of their unique artistic practices and highlight the relevant themes that the organisation’s program is based upon such as; Flow, Transformation and Ecology.

PARTICIPANTS: Aphra Shemza, Maria, Almena, Oliver Gingrich, Analema Group, Kimatica Studio,Tim Murray-Browne, Mowgli, Shama Rahman, William Latham, Andy Lomas, Paul Friedlander, Sophie le Roux

Curated by Art in Flux Founders Maria Almena, Aphra Shemza and Oliver Gingrich. Designed by Aphra Shemza.