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Center for the Promotion of Science – CPN (RS)

The central segment of the Belgrade Garden is the premiere of the winning artwork from the national art+science selection for 2020. Digital Prayer by Kristina Tica uses ML techniques for establishing a connection between the canonical structure of an Orthodox icon and the image artificially generated by a computer program. The Garden will also host a musical performance I Sit and Worry About Her by Jasna Jovicevic (winner of the national selection in 2019), based on sonification of brain waves. Both works came out as results of interdisciplinary dialogues and an intensive scientific mentorship/residency program facilitated by CPN at principal national research centers. Another highlight is a walk through Belgrade with the authors of the pervasive game AI/VI, problematizing different aspects of AI. A guided tour through the exhibition in Belgrade will allow full exploration of all presented artworks.

art+science lab

CPN was founded to initiate, foster and support art & science collaborations in 2014 after its participation in the European Digital Art and Science Network (Creative Europe project). As an initial member of the Network, which involved three major European scientific institutions as external partners, CPN contributed to shaping first sustainable, live network that could bring creative minds together from seemingly opposed disciplines – arts and sciences.

Back in 2014 and 2015, founding art & science activities took place in Serbia, which were followed by the establishment of annual series art+science in 2016. Since then, each annual edition encompasses a diverse program including exhibitions, educational workshops and master classes, talks and panel discussions, symposia and international conferences.

Running in parallel to this year’s Ars Electronica Festival, the fifth edition is trying to tackle, analyze and discuss a unique moment of our existence, in which one of the tiniest (living?) creatures succeeds in conquering the planet! By means of limitless artistic creativity and advanced technologies embodied through AI systems, art+science lab is more a sequence in time than a well-defined event. Its content is therefore presented in numerous ways and – to be on the safe side – virtually. This, however, leads to an existential question – how to treat digital content that took on a physical existence, only to be re-transferred to a virtual realm? In a loop that may announce new modes of (co)existence, we shall consult one classic idea – replicant or not?

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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Project manager and chief curator: Dobrivoje Lale Eric
Project and a+s teams coordinator: Petar Lausevic
Art director & designer: Slobodan Coba Jovanovic
Program and a+s teams coordinator: Bojan Kenig
Guest curator: Maja Ciric
IT & technical support: Vladimir Cicvara, Petar Panjkovic, Ivan Avdic, Mirjana Utvic
PR & communication: Ljiljana Ilic, Sanja Ljumovic, Iva Cetkovic
Proofreading and logistics: Ivana Smolovic
Finances and administration: Jelena Medenica
Legal affairs: Slobodan Jevtic

Thanks to: Cultural Centre Magacin Belgrade, ESOF2020 Trieste, Milos Milovanovic, Milica Jankovic, Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade, French Institute Belgrade

Production: Center for the Promotion of Science
co-funded by the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab – AI Lab project
(Creative Europe Program of the European Union)


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