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H3 Garden Before Detach ()

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Before Detach might be the final instruction of a new trip back to most of our familiar places. After a global lockdown, the question of Who am I? is more striking. Human-machine collaboration seems more and more tightly woven. While the advantages of the collaboration cannot be overstated, the fear of the power of a self-thinking machine seems to cloud the development. H3 – Before Detach brings together a human-robot performance, Who am I?, an exhibition of Interactive Installations produced in Bucharest – Before Detach, and a tour of the neighborhood of H3 Studio, a 20th century periphery invaded by the future.

H3 Garden Before Detach ()

H3 Garden Before Detach () is situated in a special part of Bucharest that was on the periphery at the beginning of the 20th century and is a place for real estate development in the year 2020. The urban landscape is a contradictory jumble of early-twentieth-century residential houses, factories, warehouses, communist blocks of flats, new residential buildings and office buildings in an urban space that has not found its identity in a hundred years. Old buildings make way for urban development, new conflicting changes emerge for the neighborhood and for H3, which is preparing for a new trip. H3 Garden Before Detach () is expressing a Bucharest neighborhood’s search for identity for over 100 years. Before Detach will be the last event happening at H3 Studio before the factory that hosts it is demolished. H3 Garden Before Detach () will present a human robot performance Who am I?, an exhibition of Interactive Art Installations, a live tour of the exhibition Before Detach and of the surrounding neighborhood. H3 is an art & technology studio established in 2017, located in the varied Popa Nan street in Bucharest and based in one of the buildings of Popular Silk, a factory producing silk in Bucharest from 1923 to 1990’s. Blurring the boundary between disciplines, H3 Studio is focused on digital technologies and spatial practices to develop artworks, installations, performances and bespoke designs. Working under a sort of alchemical paradigm, their works transmute qualities from various projects and typologies into poetic, evocative experiences.


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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Concept: H3 & Adrian Damian
Director and writer: Alexandru Berceanu
Scenography: Adrian Damian
Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu
Motion design: Andrei Mitișor, Sebastian Comănescu
Video design: Dilmana Yordanova, Ovidiu Eftimie
Light design: Cristian Șimon, Răzvan Pascu
Music & Sound Design: Vlaicu Golcea, Kinga Ötvös
Costumes: Luiza Enescu
Performers: Andrea Gavriliu, Mădălina Ciotea, Vlad Bîrzanu, Anda Saltelechi, Meda Victor, Eduard Trifa
Video engineer: Silviu Bratosin, Luca Achim
Financial Coordinator: Andreea Chindriș
Stage manager: Dan Iosif
Project coordinator: Cristina Tudor
Scenography Assistant: Andrei Șova
Videographers: Adi Bulboacă, Sorin Florea
Video editor: Florina Titz
Making-of: Marius Beșu
Producers: Florin Niculae, Ana Țecu, Ana Ciobanu, Anita Nițulescu
Production Manager: Roxana Cozma
Communication manager: Sînziana Boaru Gîrjob
PR & Media relations – Bianca Cenușe

Project financed by AFCN (National Cultural Fund Administration): “The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the project results can be used. They are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.”

H3 Studio
H3 Studio
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