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The Birth of Venus

Brigita Kasperaitė (DE/LT)


While in the past electroconvulsive therapy was used in very questionable ways, we can admit one thing, the reality is questionable in itself. And while the artist Brigita Kasperaitė explores the natural and synthetic ways of electrical discharges and how they might affect the surroundings, she is also interested in knowing and experiencing that electricity is everywhere – as well as our bodies.

To this ground, the artist wishes to explore electricity deeper and suggest investigating electroconvulsive therapy in different ways. While electricity might be a source to cause pain (military industry, lightning) it is also a source to cause pleasure (sex industry), and by investigating these two binary oppositions, the aim is to explore what might happen in between, as the nature of the world was never build only for the two of these sides.

The toolkit provides tools to explore electricity, from the basis of electroconvulsive therapy and how to change or influence the user.

The workshops are planned online in November.
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Brigita Kasperaitė (DE/LT)
Brigita Kasperaitė is a multidisciplinary artist who works and lives in Berlin (DE) and Kaunas (LT).