2020 - Finally Digital?!
Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt (US), Renger van Den Heuvel (NL), Sabine Himmelsbach (DE/CH), Nanne Dekking (US/DE), Alain Servais (BE), Paul Frey (AT), Alfred Weidinger (AT), Casey Reas (US), Kate Hollenbach (US), JiaJia Fei (US), Raina Mehler (US), Magda Sawon (US), Sharon De Mattia (US) and Thomas Kohler (DE)

2020 started with a bang that made the art industry pivot away from its established codes of conduct almost overnight for sheer survival. From the exchange of courtesies to remote work structures, old customs required immediate redesign in response to the crisis. As a result, the online space gained even more significance as the only platform for business and commercial transactions, affecting even the art industry and its age-old reliance on in-person interaction.

Networked Archives
Oliver Grau (DE), Dagmar Schink (AT), Christiane Paul (DE/US), Mariano Sardón (AR), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (MX/CA), Manuela Naveau (AT)

Panel - In a world in which we increasingly rely on online content, media art archives and platforms are no exception. The Networked Archives panel addresses their role in making media art accessible online, and highlights various approaches to the field. As archives and metadata are central issues and the base for the digital content sector they are evolving into important online value chains. How can archives be monetized, contribute to the developments in the media art markets and form base for online platforms?

Best Practices for the Conservation of Media Art from an Artist's Perspective
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (MX/CA)

Talk - For the past five years, media artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer has been developing a system of procedures to help his studio deal with the maintenance of hundreds of computerized artworks that are in collections around the world. In this talk, Rafael will go over the main methods to accomplish this, in the hope that other artists will adopt them and create realistic expectations for potential collectors.

Business Models for Online Contents
Brendon Ciecko (US), Ulvi Kasimov (UK) and Aleksandra Artamonovskaja (CZ/UK), Sabine Seymour (AT) Moderators: Nathalie Pichard (CH), Thierry Baujard (FR)

The panel Business Models for Online Contents will investigate various entrepreneurial endeavors of platform-based access to online content, and how they are monetized. Crowdfunding, licenses or subscription models are only a few of the strategies institutions have to generate revenues in cultural & creative industries, and to secure revenue for artists and content developers.

Alejandro Martin (ES), Bjorn Lustic (US), Holger Volland (GE), Jens Heithecker (GE), Patrick Tomelitsch (AT), Becky Lees (UK), Cyberballet (DE), Mikael Fock (DK), Sabine Seymour (AT)

This year’s Get Inspired session seeks to cover a vast array of interesting, diverse practices and approaches with a focus on digital and virtual projects, virtual events, platforms and contents. The panel will present examples from events, fairs, tourism, performance venues and museums.