S+T+ARTS Talk: Art & Tech for Urban Resilience

How can artists help to create new collective imaginaries and participatory systems, spaces for reflection and criticism for the future of our cities? How can urban planners and policy makers be inspired by these scenarios and reflections on urban citizenship in the light of digital innovation? Discover the full line-up of this talk.

Beyond Human Perception
María Castellanos & Alberto Valverde (ES)

The artwork is a video installation that allows the audience to visualize the reactions of humans and plants to a common stimulus: live music. The installation is the result of several sessions where the brain activity of humans was measured jointly with electrical oscillations in plants, using a sensor developed by the artists.

Art in Flux

Founded by the artists Maria Almena, Oliver Gingrich and Aphra Shemza, ART IN FLUX is a charitable organisation committed to furthering the development of the media arts community in the UK. FLUX is committed to the ever-changing needs of media artists working right NOW in the UK and will remain in a dynamic state of change in order to facilitate them.

Music as Experience in an age of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Creativity
Kingston University and Durham University (UK), New York University (US), Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Stuttgart (DE), University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna (AT), KTH Stockholm (SE)

This discussion will focus on aspects of working with AI as artists, and also wider aspects about implications of the technology.

Within a Latent Space

Entirely realized though AI systems, "Within a Latent Space" is an AV performance about exploring past, present and future as it relates to our constant journey between our transpersonal psyches and non-human unconscious. A Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) was trained on an original plot based on a dataset composed by multiple transcriptions of dreams.  AI-generated images and sound interpret than those words, disclosing an eerie, uncanny journey into our common deepest.

Safiya Umoja Noble: Algorithms of Oppression - How Search Engines Reinforce Racism
How to Become a High-Tech Anti-Discrimination Activist Collective

The landscape of information is rapidly shifting as new demands are increasing investment in digital technologies. Yet, critical scholars continue to demonstrate how many technologies are shaped by and infused with values that are not impartial, disembodied, or lacking positionality. Technologies hold racial, gender, and class politics. In this talk, Dr. Safiya Noble will discuss her recent book, Algorithms of Oppression, and the impact of technology on the public.

Lisa Nakamura: Estranging Digital Racial Terrorism After COVID
How to Become a High-Tech Anti-Discrimination Activist Collective

This talk argues that COVID-19 forced an accelerated migration to digital networks that exposed new audiences to traumatically racist digital events as well as new openings for critique and resistance.