A Theory of Change
Anne Nigten (NL)

The STARTS Prize is an annual European prize for innovative projects at the interface of Science, Technology, and the ARTS. This article reflects on the most striking outcomes of a study that was conducted in the spring of 2020, to evaluate the first three STARTS Prize editions. The STARTS Prize aims to promote art as a catalyst for change and innovation in the fields of technology, science and the social sphere. It has mobilized an impressive number of artists, designers and engineers and built a strong brand in recent years.

Mapping Collaborative Practice
Denise Doyle (UK), Richard Glover (UK), Martin Khechara (UK), Christian Cherene (ES), Norma Deseke (DE), Pei-Ying Lin (TW), Miranda Graaf (NL), Giulia Tomasello (IT), Tommaso Busolo (IT)

Interdisciplinary collaboration across the arts and sciences can create friction and uncertainty between creative partners from different backgrounds. How can we overcome these moments, and are they integral to any collaborative or emergent process? What role does art and science collaboration have in addressing global challenges in 2020? Chaired by Richter Glover and Martin Khechara, participants and researchers of the University of Wolverhampton’s STARTS Methodologies research project take part in this digital exchange of ideas.

STARTS Prize Exhibition Tour

The annual STARTS Prize Exhibition presents a selection of current best practice examples at the intersection of science, technology and the arts. Kristina Maurer and Karla Spiluttini take the viewers on a journey through this year’s exhibited projects in Kepler’s Garden. From circular economy to the relationship between ecology and technology, through digital humanism and empathic approaches to artificial intelligence, the exhibition shows the outstanding diversity of artistic practice in the STARTS field.

Salon Universitas
Melanie Baumgartner (AT), Florian Hartmann (AT), Christoph Guger (AT), Markus Hohenwarter (AT), Alicia Hofstätter (AT), Corinna Hörmann (AT), Martina Mara (AT), Kathrin Meyer (DE), Christopher Lindinger (AT)

This session brings together four of the exhibited teams – the LIT Robopsychology Lab, the JKU Linz School of Education, the LIT Soft Material Lab and the Institute for Integrated Circuits and their collaborative partner g.tec Medical Engineering – to discuss their creative process and prototype development.

STARTS Prize Forum: Andrea Ling
Andrea Ling (CA)

Andrea Ling, winner of this year’s Grand Prize for Artistic Exploration, introduces her winning project “Design by Decay, Decay by Design”, a series of artifacts that exhibit designed decay developed for the 2019 Ginkgo Bioworks Creative Residency on how to design a world without waste and talks about her artistic and creative process.

STARTS Prize Forum: Olga Kisseleva
Olga Kisseleva (RU)

Olga Kisseleva (RU), winner of this year’s Grand Prize for Innovative Collaboration, and Andrea Ling (CA), winner of the Grand Prize for Artistic Exploration, give insight into their practice.

Art Thinking Forum: Humanizing Technology
Mara Balestrini (IT), Olga Kisseleva (RU), Alexander Mankowsky (DE), Hideaki Ogawa (JP/AT)

Art Thinking is a platform for discussing the role of art in the future, in the context of industry, society, and ecology. The forum is supported by the innovative communication design company Hakuhodo. In tandem with Ars Electronica's interest in emerging technologies and their effect on society, their forward-thinking creative approach strongly complements the topic of the panel: future arts, and how cutting-edge and creative artistic examples can be used to humanize technology and improve society.

Art Thinking as Catalyst
Jurij Krpan (SI), Alejandro Martín (ES), Camille Baker (UK), Veronika Liebl (AT)

The Science+Technology+Arts = STARTS Initiative is a program of the European Commission to encourage synergies between the arts and technology that support the innovation industry and society. STARTS promotes the inclusion of artists in research and innovation activities thoughout Europe.

Fashion. Technology. Responsibility.

On Sept 9th 2020, STARTS Lighthouse pilot Re-FREAM kicks off this session with a keynote questioning our attitude to the clothes we wear and how we can rethink the systems and conditions of their production. The keynote is followed by three artist teams presenting the outcomes and prototypes realised within their residencies in the context of Re-FREAM.

S+T+ARTS Talk: Art & Tech for Urban Resilience

How can artists help to create new collective imaginaries and participatory systems, spaces for reflection and criticism for the future of our cities? How can urban planners and policy makers be inspired by these scenarios and reflections on urban citizenship in the light of digital innovation? Discover the full line-up of this talk.