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Digital Government in a Box

LIT Law Lab, Johannes Kepler University (AT)

From the “transparent citizen” and “social scoring” to AI-supported truth finding in the courtroom and machine-generated administrative notices: the digitization of administration and jurisdiction has many facets. It requires not only a consideration of what is technically possible, but also of what is legally permissible and what is desired in terms of legal policy. Against this background, the LIT Law Lab has two installations dedicated to the legal framework conditions (fundamental rights and data protection), problems and proposed solutions for a digitized enforcement.

Digital Government in a Box

The installation “Digital Government in a Box” shows the mode of operation, potentials and limits of a digitalized public administration. The visitors interact with the “Digital Government” via a futuristic input terminal, all while visual effects enhance the experience. Accompanied by a short film, the visitors experience certain digital administrative processes in the box. The topics addressed are the networking of data stored in state registers for (partially) automated administrative processes, the autonomization of official decisions through the use of machines and the tension between data protection and data transparency. The installation stimulates reflection on the possibilities and risks of digital administration, on efficiency, citizen friendliness and fundamental rights limits of digitization. It aims to make current tasks for legal research visible and to point out differentiating solutions.


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Project Credits

LIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, Johannes Kepler Universität
LIT Law Lab, Johannes Kepler Universität
Supported by Land Oberösterreich


LIT Law Lab.
The technological advances of digitization have the potential to profoundly change not only the economy, but our society as a whole and thus our legal system. JKU researchers at the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT) Law Lab are working on legal issues and visions of digital transformation from the perspective of various legal disciplines. They are in close exchange with researchers from other disciplines – from AI to security and the social sciences.

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