Valparaíso Brushwood Garden

Exhibition VR Room: Did I invite you to exhibit here?

Verónica Francés (ES)

Ars Electronica Channel 3

Did I invite you…? hits pause (II) on the imposed new normal to articulate a deeper timeline -millenia back (<<)-, while including multiple parameters -molecular or cosmic (@)- in the analysis. As opposed to our continuous Zoom ins and Zoom outs, the virtual gallery turns into a domestic space: Walls, ceilings and floors are divided into an alphabet grid of insurrections. Every spot-grid becomes a letter, each letter a story, each story a piece of electronic art-im/pulse (>>).


Verónica Francés (ES)

Architect and Pianist from Alicante. Doctor (c) in Interdisciplinary Studies on Thought, Culture and Society from the University of Valparaíso DEI-UV, Chile, jointly with the University of Alicante, Spain. Her work focuses on site-specific arts and architecture(s) in which explores insurrectional ways of inhabiting; receiving numerous awards, including the Spanish Pavilion / 2018 Architecture Venice Biennale; winner Archiprix International / Archiprix Spain 2015, among others. She is currently a professor of Architecture at CC-UNAB; member of the Artistic Research Center CIA-UV and a CONICYT fellow with the National Doctorate project 21171846/2017. Webs: /