Tech-ila ARTesano Coolture

Gala Mariachi Dron

Ars Electronica Garden Tequila, Oficina de visitantes y convenciones, Cámara Nacional de Comercio, SwarmPixel Thiret/Creative and Producer Director


This piece is a tribute from Mexico to Austria inspired by the world-renowned project:

Spaxels (pixels in space) by Ars Electronica Futurelab.

What we will see is a spectacular collaboration between Mariachi artists, technologists and scientists with the objective of remembering the beauty and love of our country through our music that reflects our passion and the union to face any future.

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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

SwarmPixel Thiret/Creative and Producer
Ars Electronica Garden Tequila, Mad Machina, Oficina de visitantes y convenciones OFVC, Cámara Nacional de Comercio CANACO, SwarmPixel Thiret/Creative and Producer Director, Panorámica.