A Fungus Garden

Mapu Kufüll

Sebastián Calfuqueo (CL)

Mapudungún/Spanish with English/Spanish traduction

Digital video installation that reflects on the cosmological perspective of the Mapuche people in relation to mushroom harvesting. The artist will showcase his recent investigation at Museo del Hongo through an animated ‘Tale’, portraying mushrooms as a symbol for resistance for their communities post the “Araucania Pacification” period.

Collaborators: Valentina Riquelme, Ange Valderrama, Eli Wewentxu, Jorge Pérez, Jaqueline Caniguan, Fer Walüng, Felipe Maltés and Museo del Hongo.


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Sebastián Calfuqueo
From Mapuche origin, their work appeals to his cultural inheritance in order to propose a critical reflection on the social, cultural and political status of the Mapuche subject in contemporary Chilean society and Latin America. Their Work includes installation, ceramics, performance and video art in order to explore the cultural similarities and differences as well as the stereotypes produced from the cross between indigenous and western ways of thinking. www.sebastiancalfuqueo.com