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CyberArts 2020 – Computer Animation

OÖ Kulturquartier

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Golden Nica

Infinitely Yours

Miwa Matreyek (US)

Floods and droughts, forest fires, resource exploitation and pollution – with Infinitely Yours, Miwa Matreyek combines animation and theatre in an impressive kaleidoscopic live performance. Again and again the artist finds herself as a shadow figure in dystopian scenarios of overlaid animations, in which the man-made destruction affects not only the environment but also the artist’s body, i.e., the human being herself. The Los Angeles-based director, designer, animation and performance artist received the Golden Nica in the Computer Animation category for the genre-crossing personified illustration.


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Project Credits / Acknowledgements
Supported by: Princess Grace Foundation Special Project Grant 2019



Honorary Mention

Serial Parallels

Max Hattler (DE)

In his experimental animation, Max Hattler approaches the built environment of Hong Kong with its dense and architecturally extreme high-rise housing estates as parallel rows of celluloid film strips. The repetitive patterns in the city’s signature architecture are thus reimagined as Serial Parallels, with each floor or window corresponding to a film frame. What was literally set in stone in the single image becomes a re-animated film sequence of architectural flow.

Serial Parallels, Max Hattler

Project Credits / Acknowledgements
Supported by grants from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong



Honorary Mention

The Sky is on Fire

Emmanuel Van der Auwera (BE)

Technological advances are changing the way we see the world, altering our understanding of and interactions with our surroundings. In his multi-screen virtual reconstruction of Miami, Emmanuel Van der Auwera depicts a fractured landscape that embodies today’s widespread feeling of unease. Viewers are presented with a hollowed-out world echoing with isolated voices. It begins with a monologue by a troubled man who comforts himself with the thought that nothing will ever be destroyed or lost, because everything is being backed up and technology will save us.

The Sky is on Fire, courtesy the artist and Harlan Levey Projects

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Produced by Harlan Levey Projects with the support of the Botanique Museum, Brussels



Honorary Mention

Underground Circuit

Yuge Zhou (CN)

Underground Circuit is a collage of hundreds of video clips shot in the subway stations in New York. The installation invites viewers to sit on the central cube and observe the anonymous characters in the projected urban labyrinth: the rushing commuters in the outer rings, people waiting on benches in the inner-most ring, and the central drummers acting as if they were the controllers of the commuters’ movements, similar to the four-faced Buddha in Chinese folk religion, who fulfills and grants all the wishes of its devotees. The flow of commuters in the outer rings suggests the repetitive cycle of life, here with urban theatricality and texture.

Underground Circuit, Yuge Zhou 周雨歌 (CN), © Rory O’Driscoll

Project Credits / Acknowledgements