Gardens of Darkness, Gardens of Light

Radicalization by Design – Webproject

Florian Cramer (DE/NL), Bharat Ganesh (US/NL), Jon Rafman (CA/US), Richard Rogers (US/NL), Dimitri Tokmetzis (NL)

Radicalization by Design will discuss the question of whether our media are radicalizing us. Is social media tearing society apart? How do trolls, conspiracy theories, memes and fringe platforms impact politics today?

Are our media radicalizing us? Are social media – while connecting us – also tearing society apart? This event brings together experts at the intersection of new media and extremism studies. The participants offer a discussion on how social media like YouTube serve as pathways to radicalization (Dimitri Tokmetzis), an analysis of the relationship between “alternative influencers” and fascist micropolitics (Bharath Ganesh), a discussion of the emerging ecology of “alt-tech” platforms (Richard Rogers), and speculations on the relationship between algorithmic sorting and resurgent fascism (Florian Cramer).


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