Ars Electronica Garden Gdańsk

Sensory Orders

ŁAŹNIA Centre for Contemporary Art (PL)

The Ars Electronica Garden Gdańsk, hosted by ŁAŹNIA Centre for Contemporary Art, features Sensory Orders, a project examining the different orders of sensemaking taking place under our (current) conditions of extreme precariousness and uncertainty.

The term orders comes from economics and political science, and describes how objects, ideologies or thought patterns are organized and structured. According to the economist and political philosopher Friedrich Hayek (who we paraphrase our title from), these orders are “not made by anybody but form themselves”.

Sensory Orders

Twenty-five international artists, researchers/scientists, designers, architects and scholars collectively investigate how the symbolic order of language and culture, the technological order of machines and the organic order of human bodies and natural entities are intertwined with, sense and affect each other. Where are we as humans amidst of these orders, some of which we cannot perceive or know but which have major effects on our lives?

Adjunct to our investigations in Sensory Orders are episodes of Filip Ignatowicz’s artUNBOXING project. These video performances, created specifically for YouTube and inspired by the unboxing videos that populate the platform, are offered up as refreshments. artUNBOXING is a part of the artist’s long-term project of exploring the boundaries between art and product, consumption and culture. He attempts to spark a conversation on the situation of art in consumer societies.



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