Tokyo Garden

SUPER DOMMUNE tuned by au5G Presents “TOKYO REAL”

Naohiro Ukawa (JP), Seiichi Saito (JP), Ei Wada (JP), Yamakawa Fuyuki (JP), ZVIZMO / Tentenko(JP), Atsuhiro Ito, (JP)

Thu Sep 10, 2020, 2:00 pm - 3:55 pm
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Ars Electronica Voyages Channel


In the past, infectious disease pandemics have had a history-changing impact on humanity. However, the current corona epidemic differs from previous global pandemics in that it took place in a rapidly deepening information society driven by globalization, and as the infection spread, it revealed a landscape of infodemics, reminiscent of Japan’s isolation during the Edo period. And entertainment rapidly began to seek freedom in the online world.
Host of DOMMUNE, Japan’s first live-streaming studio, which opened in 2010 after a series of experimental transmissions since 2009, Ukawa has spent the last 10 years showing the real Tokyo through his programming. The filming/distribution/documentation of DOMMUNE, which he describes as having transformed the entire world into DOMMUNE, has been a pioneering VJ since 1988, and he considers DOMMUNE’s filming/distribution/documentation to be a work of his own “Currently an Artist,” as neither the modern nor the contemporary has been able to keep up with the speed of his work. This time, Ukawa and Seiichi Saito of Rhizomatiks, who has been holding talk shows and other events since 2009 and has been organizing online talk and DJ events “STAYING TOKYO” and “PLAYING TOKYO” this year, will participate in the ARS SPECIAL Super Talk Session. He talks about Japanese entertainment since the COVID19 pandemic. In collaboration with Japan’s leading alternative label BLACK SMOKER RECORDS, we will also present a live performance by Fuyuki Yamakawa and ZVIZMO. In addition, the long awaited “Anatomical Tables by EI WADA”, a program that sums up the entire history of the Ars Electronica’s activities in Japan, will also be streamed! This is indeed what we call “EXTREAM REAL TOKYO”, a 5 hour and 30 minute DOMMUNE program! It is a must see!

THU 10.9.2020, 11:30-14:00 CEST, 18:30-21:00 JST
DOMMUNE Presents Anatomical Tables of EI WADA
TALK: Naohiro Ukawa(JP), Ei Wada(JP)

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THU 10.9.2020, 14:00-17:00 CEST, 21:00-24:00 JST
TALK: Naohiro Ukawa (JP), Saito Seiichi (JP)
Performance: Yamakawa Fuyuki (JP), ZVIZMO / Tentenko(JP), Atsuhiro Ito, (JP)

You can watch part of the show on Ars Electronica Voyages Channel. For the entire show please visit our website.

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DJ, Speaker: Naohiro Ukawa, Seiichi Saito, Ei Wada, Yamakawa Fuyuki and ZVIZMO (Tentenko, Atsuhiro Ito.)