Ars Electronica Garden Hong Kong

Artificial Intentionalities

City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media, Neuro Design Lab (HK)

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Post-human Humanities in The Age Of The Art-Subject

During recent decades, technologies raised and erased borders, hybridized and segregated cultures, while also collapsing distances and time zones. But we have too often remained trapped in a myopic, anthropocentric system of logic and ideals in our quests for new teleological aspirations, structures of controls, or even in finding new possibilities for collective participation and agency. Our capacity to shift our standpoint, to project ourselves in space and time, in reality and fiction, allows us to figure out the world from the vantage points of our ancestors, aliens, or post-human creatures like algorithms and robots. It is through this potential that we can expand our horizon to better accommodate the dynamic complexities at hand. Thanks to the recently acquired artificial intentionalities, artworks are quickly becoming sentient, cognizant, and responsive subjects through which we can improve our understanding of human societies and ecosystems. Ars Electronica Garden Hong Kong’s curatorial inquiry this year explores various paths to better understand the entanglements that surface in the tectonic interplay of divergent worlds, where robots challenge social models, artworks try to understand each other, and the faraway meets the nearby. We call for a DïaloG of curiosity and speculation, alongside a salutary cocktail of poetry, science, politics and conviviality.


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Hosted by (Initiated & Produced by): Neuro Design Lab/ Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media, City University of Hong Kong
Sponsored by: Osage Art Foundation, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Focal-Naim