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Hexagram (CA/QC), Université du Québec à Montréal (CA/QC), Concordia University (CA/QC)

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Exploring new possible futures through research-creation

In the last year the global pandemic and its resulting political-economic fallout, the continuing ecological crises and the social-cultural explosion of long simmering systemic injustice and inequality have made the entanglement of human, machine and natural orders ever more apparent, with radical consequences for all forms of life on this planet. The future appears uncertain, unstable, unsettling and unknown. How then can Research-Creation (RC) actualize not yet existing presents and enable the emergence of new possible futures? Through its wide network, Hexagram sets out to explore the Emergence/y entangled in today’s troubled socio-technical and cultural fabric. To do so, the network presents an array of artistic and reflective works and talks to address (1) The current climate emergency; (2) The urgency of a critical response to Artificial Intelligence; (3) The emergence of new intersectional theories; (4) Emerging interplay between Human and more-than-human sentience; and (5) Emerging models for political economy involving the arts and science. Hexagram’s 2021/22 program brings together Network members and collaborators whose critical and techno-material approaches are dedicated to addressing these complex challenges through research situated at the intersections of the arts and sciences.


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Research-creation 01: CONNECTING MILIEUX + Hexagram Showcase
Gisèle Trudel (CA), Maya Lamothe-Katrapani (CA), Alessia Zarzani (IT), Orit Halpern (CA), Jean-Denis Milette (CA), Gabriel Payant (CA), Marius Senneville (CA), Alessandra Ponte (CA), Kim Laneuville (CA), Adriana Menghi (CA), Delphine Ducharme (CA), Meryem Sekhri (CA), Alexandre Asselin (CA), Anna Paola Bossi (IT/CA), Baptiste Kauffmann (FR/CA), Millie-Ann Grenon (CA), Rachel Ducharme (CA), Charles Antoine Poulin (CA), Fannie Hébert (CA), Ikram Haffaf (CA), Liliane Hamelin (CA), Marie-Ève Fortier (CA), Jill Didur (CA), Tony Higuchi (ES), AELab (CA), Fossilation (CA), Andrée Martin (CA), Estelle Schorpp (FR/CA), Marc-André Cossette (CA), Sandra Volny (CA), Ahreum Lee (KR/CA), Émilie Morin (CA), Erin Gee (CA), Guillaume Pascal (CA), Juliette Lusven (FR/CA), Maxime Boutin (FR/CA), Olivia Mc Gilchrist (JM/FR), Rilla Khaled (CA), Enric Llagostera (BR), Jess Rowan Marcotte (CA), Steven Sych (CA), Jean Dubois (CA), Ghyslain Gagnon (CA), Ké Medley (CA), Louis-Philippe Rondeau (CA), Yan Breuleux (CA), Nicolas Bernier (CA), Nicolas Reeves (CA), David St-Onge (CA), Chris Salter (US/CA), Dietmar Lupfer (DE), Sofian Audry (CA), TeZ (IT)

Documentation of the first art installation of the Canada Research Chair MÉDIANE, presented outdoors in July 2021 at Jardin botanique Montréal. The installation experiments artistically with the ecophysiological data of three species of trees collected by the research programme SmartForests.


Directors: Christopher Salter (Concordia University Hexagram), Sofian Audry (UQAM Hexagram); Staff: Manuelle Freire (Hexagram), Isabelle Boucher (UQAM Hexagram), Marine Theunissen (UQAM Hexagram), Stephanie Creaghan (Concordia University Milieux Institute), Marc-André Cossette (Concordia University Hexagram)
Supported by the Government of Québec