Ars Electronica Garden Hsinchu / Taipei

The „Entrance and Distancing“ Deals in the Digital Era

Center for Technology and Art, National Tsing Hua University - NTHU, (TW); Department of New Media Art, Taipei National University of the Arts - TNUA, (TW)

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NTHU x TNUA TechArt Festival

The development of science and technology poses many obstacles and deceptions for society, politics and life. We propose The Entrance and Distancing Deals in the Digital Era as the lens through which to discuss different social issues and the threat of COVID-19 in NTHU x TNUA TechArt Festival in Hsinchu / Taipei Garden.

Five digital artworks address the Entrance Deal through interactive installation, artificial intelligence, the blockchain and social media. COVID-19 has blocked people from entering buildings: we used NFTs to store the memory and the alternative democratization of the disease. AI GAN is used to explore the appearance of viruses that surface everywhere in the world. Through interactive technology and art, we tried to explore the political entrance between Taiwan and Mainland China, the mysterious ingress of astronomy, by listening to the ripples of gravity waves and the amazing entrance of perception protecting plants.

The Distancing Deal consists, in turn, of six new media artworks. Through interactive installation, augmented reality, immersive theater, urban action and more, we have constructed a hypothetical planning area through which to examine the meaning of physical and psychological distance in its present state. In the rapid flow of information from basic physical necessities to spiritual dependencies there is nothing the contemporary person cannot expeditiously obtain.


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