Ars Electronica Garden Valdivia

Extractivisms: Operations and Practices

Universidad Austral de Chile, Faculty of Architecture and Arts (CL), Institute of Visual Arts, Galería Réplica (CL)

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The curatorial proposal of Galería Réplica (UACh, Chile) is an artistic device that introduces the idea of „expanded extractivism“ to approach extractivism as a set of transversal operations and practices. Through intercrossing works and discourses, Extractivisms: Operations and Practices seeks to raise a political discussion about the extractive transformations on the horizon of the New Digital Deal. We no longer experience the world through industrial objects or technical images, but through data and invisible images. Our location, health, habits, affections, bodies, social and urban connections, economic and communicational transactions are recorded, recognized, interpreted, stored and circulated in corporate and governmental databases. The virtual museography on Galería Réplica’s website finds convergences between artistic investigations by Ignacio Acosta, Regina de Miguel, Felipe Rivas San Martín, the CENEx collective, the TRIMEX collective, Celeste Rojas, María Jesús Schultz, Paula Baeza, Cristian Ochoa, Felipe González and Claudia Pool, and the theoretical investigations by Claudio Celis and Martín Arboleda. The purpose of this project is to intervene politically at a time in which the world is convulsed with the mutations of capital accumulation.


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Idea: Ivan Flores Arancibia
Curatorial Team: Ivan Flores, Jesús Román, María José Bello and Gabriela Urrutia
Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh)
Faculty of Architecture and Arts, UACh
Vice-Chancellorship of Research, Development and Artistic Creation, UACh
Galería Réplica, Institute of Visual Arts, UACh
CENEx – Center for the Study of Extractive Nature (Lucía Egaña, Isabel Torres, Juana Guerrero)
TRIMEX Collective (Andrés Terrisse,  Juan Jose Aldunce (Jota Aldunce), Bernardita Pérez)
Imaginación Maquínica (Claudio Celis, María Jesús Schultz)
Ignacio Acosta, Felipe Rivas San Martin, Regina de Miguel, Celeste Rojas, Paula Baeza Pailamilla, Claudia Pool, Cristian Ochoa and Felipe González

The participation of artists and gardens in Chile is the result of a collaboration between Ars Electronica and the Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio and the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores | Gobierno de Chile.