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Garden of … knowledge for humanity

Ars Electronica Research Institute “knowledge for humanity (k4h+)”

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Garden of … knowledge for humanity reflects the most recent work of the Ars Electronica Research Institute knowledge for humanity (k4h+) in its global and unique context, bridging the gap between academic knowledge and socially relevant applications. In this year’s interactions, the mission statements of last year are introduced as living experiments you can actively participate in. The work focuses on the following three core areas of k4h+: Digital Humanism and critical reflections on technology; Knowledge for Emergency — COVID-19 related experiments and interactions; Academic Knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals. It reflects our approaches of Humanity Centered Design (Federico Donelli), art-based, experimental Knowledge Co-Creation, against a background of Open Innovation methods and practices. Garden of … knowledge for humanity celebrates the wealth of diversity, addressing various formats and audiences, such as offering interactive 2D/3D visualizations, participatory environmental experiences and experimental interventions, art driven innovation and artistic activism. This series of interactions is designed uniquely for Ars Electronica Festival 2021, curated by Eveline Wandl-Vogt. You are invited on a journey of discovery, aiming to drive social innovation-based activism and critically reflect on what we call “intelligence” (artificial and human alike), where you can join k4h+’s learning journey in a community of purpose.


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