Ars Electronica Garden Puerto Rico

Rediscovering our Art Culture and Heritage in a Digital Era

PRSTRT – Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust, CHIP – Cultural Heritage Innovation Program (PR)

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Garden Puerto Rico will host and develop a new space to apply innovation in the digital humanities‘ to the art, history and heritage of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean’s geographic attributes.

A sustainable conservation model built along four axes – Education-Research / Communities-Wellbeing / Sustainable Planning-Tourism / Creative Economy-Workforce Development –interacts as a holistic mode to create almost infinite combinations of projects supporting the preservation of historic materials, cultural and intangible heritage and natural landscapes.

Through digital tools and the use of technologies like AI, VR-AR, machine learning, 3D scanning, LIDAR photogrammetry, material characterization, video games and 360 images, we have developed products and activities to produce art and tech performances, showcases and documentaries. From cave art archaeology to medieval Spanish archives, passing through the real Pirates of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico bears troves of unknown heritage and untold stories, all available for enjoyment in the digital era.

In the process of rediscovering our heritage with digital tools and technology we are supporting communities to capture and strengthen the passion for preserving our heritage and citizens’ wellbeing.


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Joaquin Fargas, Art, Science and Technology – AR (JF/AST-AR)
Ars Electronica Garden Buenos Aires – AR (AEGBA-AR)
Destination Marketing Organization Puerto Rico – PR (DMO-PR)
Pulsar La Tierra, Puerto Rico Staff – PR (PT/PRS-PR)