Urban Auscultation
Aleyda Rocha (MX/ AT), Eveline Wandl-Vogt (AT), Mojdeh Siyadat (IR/ AT)

In a group of ten-fifteen people maximum (adjusting to covid rules), we will go on a walk at the surroundings of Ars Electronica; guided by a leader that will give instructions on the data collections to make; take careful notes about what happens and produce a series of experimental inventories or archives and a final cosmogram.

Speculum Maius and Studio M.A.R.S.
Studio M.A.R.S. (Music Art Research Science), (DE/ AT/ UK/ ES/ CN/ KE)

Speculum Maius (The Great Mirror) is a ground-breaking new opera that merges pioneering live VR technology together with live performance, created by Studio M.A.R.S.

Emergent Topographies of Vienna
Firas Safieddine (LB/ AT/ ES), Eveline Wandl-Vogt (AT)

Emergent topographies is a video installation, created by using artificial intelligence in the form of generative adversarial networks for creative production. Given the complexity of intelligence, be it synthetic or biological, the artwork operates in the friction space between citizen data science, urban dynamics, artificial intelligence and neuroscience; exploring the interaction through generating mutant topographies of brain data and citizen urban data using creative algorithms.

Journey - Hybrid Creations
Alta Tecnología Andina – ATA (PE), Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI (PE)

The journey "Hybrid Creations" gives an impression of the garden Lima and its topics.

Open Creative Lab – Innovationshauptplatz
Florian Koppler (AT), Kathrin Obernhumer (AT), Ana Zuljevic (AT); Innovationshauptplatz / Michaela Feichtl (AT), Oliver Schrot (AT); Klimastabsstelle der Stadt Linz

Where we emerge - Pop-up and online exhibition
Sarah Conway Brophy, Sydney Gush, Jung Ho Park, Charlie Dean, Jungwoo Lee, Justine Nalus Guzman, Kelly Yue Xi

The whole world experienced the struggles of life in confinement and how it boosted our relationship with the digital world. This collective experience marked a watershed in the way we experience life. WHERE WE EMERGE is a pop-up exhibition in which students of the Art & Technology Studies department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago reflect on this change in our society.

Participatory City of Cartography
Liu Bauer (FR), Vera Baumann (FR)

We organize participatory talks at City Interaction lab to discuss non-standard perspectives of city analysis and city perception: "how can we see city borders? where are borders of the city and what are their roles in city formation?" As the result of the workshop, we will create a city atlas as part of the citizen science component of the City Interaction lab project. The main goal of the garden is to make the experience of city-dwelling participatory and show how everyone could contribute to city analysis and data collection in a creative way.

Journey - Fair Tech and Virtual Fun
IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] (NL)

Welcome to the Fair Tech and Virtual Fun: the Utrecht Garden by IMPAKT. In a time in which the digital world has become our habitat, where we live, meet, work, celebrate and breathe online, this year’s Utrecht Garden will focus on two topics.

IMPAKT Workshop: VJ-ing in Zoom
Jeroen Witjes (IMPAKT), Sabrina Verhage (Creative Coding Amsterdam)

Want to shine during the Bal Masqué on 11 September? This workshop is about VJ-ing and focuses on creating video backgrounds and other video effects to use in your performance. We learn how to create and use virtual backgrounds, visualizations and gifs and looping videos to create a vibrant, fun presentation.

IMPAKT Workshop: Face and body filters
Yun Lee and Jonathan Reus, from iii, instrumentinventors.org, The Hague (NL)

Use filters like a pro and get ready for the Bal Masqué. With the use of software like Zoom, OBS and Snap Camera, we can create our own virtual backgrounds, digital masks, video compilations and even perform live coding and VJ sets. In this workshop we delve into the colorful world of filters, guided by performing artists Yun Lee and Jonathan Reus from iii.