Festival Inskription
Unterstützt von Sparkasse Oberösterreich

Tauchen Sie ein in die erste Festival University der Johannes Kepler Universität und Ars Electronica! In Form einer „Festival Inskription“ können Sie die Festival University im Rahmen der Ars Electronica 2021 durch ein ausgewähltes Programm miterleben.

Urban Auscultation
Aleyda Rocha (MX/ AT), Eveline Wandl-Vogt (AT), Mojdeh Siyadat (IR/ AT)

In a group of ten-fifteen people maximum (adjusting to covid rules), we will go on a walk at the surroundings of Ars Electronica; guided by a leader that will give instructions on the data collections to make; take careful notes about what happens and produce a series of experimental inventories or archives and a final cosmogram.

Expert Tour: What is music to ... media-culture(s) / media-art(s) / human post-digital culture(s)
Werner Jauk (AT), Alexandra Röck (AT/DE)

Der Sound-Art-Parcours ist eine langjährige Ars Electronica Tradition. Die Tour durchschreitet hörend die Pluralität der Beziehungsräume von Musik / Sound-Art und den Medienkünsten. Theoretische Reflexion und Gespräche mit den KünstlerInnen, persönliche wie auch individuelle körperliche Erfahrung, das Erleben, das Eintauchen in die Medialität von Klang.

Un suono in estinzione Guided Tour
Pablo Bes Alonso

In this guided tour, we are going to present one of the projects curated by Filippo Rosati from Garden Bologna as a premier. The project that we are going to present is Un suono in estinzione, art & science project aimed at monitoring climate change implications on alpine glaciers through an artistic exploration.

Ecology + Humanism
Manuela Hillmann, Pablo Bes Alonso

Manuela Hillmann (Producer of Online Gardens) and Pablo Bes Alonso (Project Manager) cordially invite to a journey to a life space created out of the combination of Creativity, Humanism and Ecology that Garden Seoul, London and Vilnius bring to the Ars Electronica Festival 2021. The three gardens lead us onto a path about how to deal with our lives during and after the pandemic and about how narratives on casual life processes, repetitive habits, and social practices are part of the human relationship with everything in the human’s environment.

Community Theatre
Maaya Makino (JP), Hortense Boulais-Ifrène (FR)

Maaya Makino and Hortense Boulais-Ifrène, garden project coordinators are very happy to present a journey of theater around the world from Tehran to Austria with a stopover in Abuja. Performances, dances and a dive into the virtual will be proposed to celebrate community and able interaction.

Artificial Star Gazers & Extraterrestrial Beings: Touring the AI Lab

Artificial intelligence and the relationship between human and machine are the focus of the exhibitions at the Ars Electronica center. As part of this AI Lab Highlight Tour, you will have the opportunity to see selected works focusing on AI at the Ars Electronica Festival exhibition location Kepler’s Gardens at the Johannes-Kepler-University, directly from the comfort of your home.

Art & Science in Times of Complexity and Crisis
Andrew Newman

It may seem unfathomable that we could ever grasp the sheer complexity of the interdependencies of Ecosystem Earth. Each and every one of our quantum computers would crash when faced with the task of mapping all interactions from our microbiomes to the zonobiomes. One human mind cannot comprehend it all, but multitudes of minds have tirelessly worked towards contributing to a shared scientific knowledge that together unravels these interdependencies.

Theme Exhibition Live Guided Tour I: Dataspheres Observed
Martin Honzik, Christl Baur

The digital world includes everything around us, even that which we do not see. As technology evolves, we are led to question what is real and the line between biological and virtual, emotional and logical, right and wrong becomes more blurred.

Education for Future Generation in Art, Technology, and Society
Maaya Makino, Andrew Newman

In the world of ‘A New Digital Deal,’ we need interdisciplinary ability to think about art, technology, and society from multiple perspectives. How can we teach this invisible skill to the future generation? In this Guided Tour, we would like to introduce various Gardens focusing on Education for young people.