Porto Porto
Alex Tibbitts (CA/US), Quan (CA/VN), Samito (CA/MZ), Boogieman (CA), Milo Johnson (CA/US)

Porto Porto is on a mission to bring music that collectively raises our human vibrations. The stresses of isolation melt away in hearing dreamy delays of the harp mixed with an up-tempo bass and beat line. Grounded by Milo Johnson's bass lines, and reinforced melodically with his horn and string accompaniments, the team -featuring Alex Tibbitts, Quan, Samito and Boogieman- promises to transport the listener from rain forests and remote island villages to busy urban underground.

Pheek/Iregui present “INVERSION”
Pheek (CA) & Daniel Iregui (CA)

In the age of Instagram, polished profiles and overly-sanitized cleanliness, INVERSION instead attempts to show the levels of spontaneity, uncertainty and questioning underlying musical creation. Daniel Iregui’s enormous black mirror, placed behind Pheek and fitted with a device allowing it to vibrate to sound, allows spectators to experience the artists’ various states of mind during an unpredictable yet intuitive journey, where everything will become crystal-clear to those with the patience to wait.

Desert Bloom presents “on the tendencies of trauma & resilience”
Desert Bloom (CA) & Austin Tufts (CA)

Long-form arrangement from composer Desert Bloom consisting of three movements, “on the tendencies of trauma and resilience” blends classical form and experimental electronic instrumentation alongside drummer Austin Tufts’ live drum improvisations. Conceptually, this piece delves into reactions to traumas experienced by women of color, the lack of a societal discourse on the subject and the concept of resilience, widely used as a scapegoat to avoid providing further support or to genuinely confront our own biases and toxic behaviors.

Lucas Paris & Alexis Langevin-Tétrault present “square one”
Lucas Paris (CA/FR) & Alexis Langevin-Tétrault (CA)

Born from a desire to reunite, both musically and in person after a year of lockdowns, Lucas Paris and Alexis Langevin-Tétrault return to the core of their collaboration with « square one », a streamlined audiovisual performance.

France Jobin & Markus Heckmann present “Entanglement”
France Jobin (CA) & Markus Heckmann (CA/DE)

“Entanglement” is basically an artistic project at the crossroads of scientific research inspired by the concept and properties of entanglement in quantum physics and quantum fields theory.

Priori & Jason Voltaire live A/V
Priori (CA) & Jason Voltaire (CA)

Armed with a deep respect for ever-shifting permutations of techno and IDM, Priori's productions morph and shift with every release, channelling murky acid lines, trance-influenced euphoria, and spacey, organic breakbeats.

Myriam Bleau presents “Unsculpt”
Myriam Bleau (CA)

“Unsculpt” is an audiovisual performance by Myriam Bleau, exploring and deconstructing new sounds from an upcoming release. It features hybrid electronic music, mixing modular synths with digital synthesis and algorithms in Supercollider.

AI x Music - The Question of Autonomy and Human Intention in Art & AI (Episode I)
Isabella Salas (MX/QC), Maya Indira Ganesh (IN/DE/UK), Yuri Suzuki (JP/UK), Ali Nikrang (AT)

In recent years, new AI technologies have increasingly been incorporated into fascinating artistic projects. The ability of AI to explore new, previously unknown perspectives of data certainly seems to enable new areas of artistic creation. But it also raises questions about possible forms of collaboration between AI and human artists. Intention plays a great role in the creative process. But how can artistic intention be communicated with an AI system? How does the degree of autonomy of an AI system affect human-AI collaboration? Are less autonomous AI systems better suited for artistic tasks because they give humans more freedom?

ALMA presents “Fragments : The Shape of Things”
ALMA : Marc-André Cossette (CA) & Alexandre Saunier (CA/FR).

“Fragments: The Shape of Things” questions how automated data processing systems impact the perception of social relations and global conflicts, notably in terms of their anonymization and aestheticization.

Montreal Life Support & Woulg present “Empty Vessels”
Montreal Life Support (CA/UK) & Woulg (CA)

« Empty Vessels » is a uniquely complex AV performance that merges robotics, AI neural networks, classical instrumentation and experimental metaphysics.