Warawar Kjaua - Chajnantor (extended)
Olaff Peña Pastene (CL/ES), Samuel Domínguez (CL/GB)

The audio track is a collabora1on between Olaff Peña Pastene and Samuel Domínguez, presented as an extended version of Olaff’s original song Warawar Kjaua, which uses the Tihuanaco’s civilisa1on cosmovision to interpret ALMA Observatory’s data. This is entangled with a fake field recording created using ar1ficial intelligence and slight musical interpreta1ons created by Domínguez.

ALMA Observatory and Fundación Mustakis (CL)

By considering the extreme weather conditions in the Atacama Desert alongside ALMA Observatory, located at more than 5000 metres above sea level, the garden uses the notion of ‘landscape’ in the context of the digital world to rethink how we understand the concept under the influence of the digital revolution.

Elise Guillaume (BE/GB) and Samuel Domínguez (CL/GB)

Through the use of footage, courtesy of ALMA and ESO, filmmaker Elise Guillaume (BE) and artist Samuel Domínguez (CL) collaborated on a new video about the Chajnantor Plateau, where ALMA Observatory is located, in the Atacama Desert. The video uses the music created by Olaff Peña Pastene (CL/ES), using sounds recorded at the observatory and digital data.

Interactions Between Nature, Science and Art
Lía Aliaga (CL), Francisco de Lara (ES), Carlos Rivera (LU / CL), and Antonio Hales (CL)

Round Table: \"Interactions between Nature, Science and Art\". Both institutions invited the following speakers to discuss the theme: Francisco de Lara (ES) and Carlos Rivera (LU / CL) [both invited by Fundación Mustakis]; and Antonio Hales (CL) [invited by ALMA Observatory]. Discussion to be led and moderated by Lía Aliaga (CL).

Talking About Landscape in the 21st Century
Samuel Domínguez (CL), Leonor Merín (ES), Alicia Pedroso (CL), Valeria Foncea (CL), Diego Lara Koenig (CL), Sergio Martín (ES)

We are presenting a web-learning platform that gathers more than 50 references about our contemporary understanding of landscape. At the behest of Fundación Mustakis, this project was co-curated by Diego Lara Koenig (CL), with Sergio Martín (ES), invited by ALMA Observatory. The live video, with digital modelling and animation by Ming Rang Bai, will be broadcast during the festival.