Journey - Rediscovering our Art Culture and Heritage in a Digital Era
PRSTRT – Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust, CHIP – Cultural Heritage Innovation Program (PR)

The Journey "Rediscovering our Art Culture and Heritage in a Digital Era" gives an impression of the garden Puerto Rico and its main topics.

Garden PR and Garden Buenos Aires Program
Joaquín Fargas (AR), Giselle Aviles (PR), Carola Cintrón (PR)

This program opens with a welcome from our host institution, the UAGM Museum. Soon after, Joaquín Fargas’ performance will take place, effectively connecting Garden Buenos Aires with Garden Puerto Rico. The performance will attempt to showcase the Earth’s lifeforce as it relates to our human body, where information is dispersed in every cell, while also being interconnected as a whole – a sort of crypto body.

Technology and the Challenge of Education
Pedro Cruz Rivera, José David Torres Quiñones, Jorge Valentine

This webinar series takes a closer look at the importance of democratizing technological tools and the practical applications of technology in education. Computer Vision is one of the most important subsets of Machine Learning (ML) and it is the technology that powers Augmented Reality (AR) filters, among other things. Another technological tool that is becoming more accessible to the general public is Virtual Reality (VR).

Social Transformations in a Digital World
Moderator: Johnny Lugo Vega, PhD (PR), Shirley McPhaul MA, PRSTRT-CHIP (PR)

This webinar series explores how technology access has a concrete (and potential) social transformative effect when applied to cultural heritage conservation and cultural production. When it comes to cultural heritage conservation, the decaying infrastructure of historic buildings is a real problem, even more so in rural areas. It is clear that digital tools facilitate cultural heritage preservation for future generations.

Digital Innovation in Cultural Heritage and Art Studies
Alitza Cardona Collazo - PR - Speaker, Irene Esteves Amador - PR - Speaker, Antonio Martínez Collazo - PR - Speaker

This Webinar Series presents different documentation approaches and methods using digital technologies for cultural heritage conservation and preservation.

Luz A. Crespo Valentín (PR), Brad Dean (PR), Johnny Lugo Vega (PR)

As part of our approach to this year’s theme, A New Digital Deal, we want to showcase the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust’s mission to apply digital technology, innovation and research to resolve the social challenges that afflict Puerto Rican communities.