Ars Electronica Garden Bad Ischl

theatrics of interspace

University of Innsbruck, Institute für Gestaltung – Studio 2 (AT), AUF! AUF! Residency (AT)

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Theatrics of interspace brings digital competence into dialogue with the heritage Lehar Theatre to stimulate creativity and open up new perspectives for understanding and sharing heritage elements and technology. The garden negotiates the concept of interspace between the actor and performer, subject and object, analog and digital, real and virtual, the past and the present, the old and the new. Technology applied to heritage represents an important field of digital humanities and the garden uses this power to breathe life back into the theatre. The identity of the building is in a time flux. It is to be renovated/conserved in order to hopefully represent Bad Ischl as the European Capital of Culture 2024. The students & researchers of the University of Innsbruck Studio 2 and the artists in residence from AUF AUF respond to this change through technology. The projects ranging from projection mappings to interactive VR environments, to digital sculptures and performances, rejuvenate and enliven the heritage by addressing the elements of dramaturgy and the historical context of the place. The garden aims to call attention to the theatre, its cultural importance, and the need to revive it, thereby celebrating its rich cultural legacy. University of Innsbruck | Studio 2 | Institute für Gestaltung | HAL – Holon Architecture Lab Studio 2 is dedicated to one of the central activities of architecture: the investigation, development and design of tangible spaces for people. The research focuses on the topic of ‘Man and space’: the perception and effect of space and its material and immaterial qualities. The Lab is situated in Studio2.

We are interested in multidimensional and multidisciplinary aspects of space, engaging in academic research in the realm of hybrid environments. AUF! AUF! Residency (Gioia Osthoff, Michaela Putz, Felix Dennhardt) Artist Residencies in Bad Ischl is looking for artistic works that deal with the historical, cultural and theatrical aspects of Lehar Theatre. Enter into a dialogue with the history, present and possible future of the place with their works. We are interested in participatory formats and interventions developed on-site as well as artist talks, lectures/sound performances, open studios, public presentations, or multimedia installations which can also be experienced through the glass front. During the reconstruction of the Lehartheater in Bad Ischl we would like to fill the place, which is currently empty, with life and create a space for exchange and art.


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University of Innsbruck, Institute für Gestaltung – Studio 2, Clemens Plank & Anirudhan Iyengar, AUF! AUF! Residency (Gioia Osthoff, Michaela Putz, Felix Dennhardt). Lehar Theater