Wu Juehui (CN)

POSTCITY, Bunker / Basememt, Ars Electronica Gallery Spaces, Säulenhalle

bitTOWER is inspired by the ouroboros, one in which every element of the installation acts serves as a visual metaphor for something. The scaffold matrix creates a space with a limited mass, as though the epidermis of the excessively expanding city had been torn apart, exposing its internal organs. The cycle of lights acts as a moon and sun, with shadows of mottled steel pipes expanding the borders of the matrix. The interplay of lights and projected digital images creates a virtual world that’s swiftly shifting between night and day. The spiral cases inside the matrix overlap and, just like the ouroboros, begins where it also ends. The immersive environment opens a wormhole into another dimension for the audience, with the synesthetic ceremony leading to a sense of reverie.

Experiments in different-dimensional spaces are crucial to the future development of art and technological advances leading to the ability to reach greater depths in exploration. In order to do this, the co-evolution of art and technology ―their close, mutual contact and mutual restraint―, is necessary to open a new dimension for space between destruction and growth. bitTOWER acts as an art spell in that it attempts to explore these different dimensional spaces. It is an access code, partway between reincarnation, renascence, borderlessness, boundedness, and even the informational world and the universe.


Project Credits:

  • Today Art Museum