Kenri Kodaka (JP)


Bodiject-oriented is a media installation designed to give viewers an experience of “bodiject” (body as object). In this work, a single double-sided mirror vertically divides a flat display into two left and right planes; the body-image plane and the object-image plane. Some deformed fingers are shown from the body-image plane and some vegetable sticks are shown from the object-image plane, where they are continuously operated by someone’s hands in a loosely synchronized manner. This kind of parallel observation enables viewers to detach ownership from their physical body.



Associate Professor, Department of Media & Design, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences.
Born in Hyogo prefecture in 1976. 2018 PhD from Aichi University of Arts. He began working with media art in software and Internet space in the late 90’s. Currently, he is researching spatial recognition in augmented reality space.