Bubbles and Clouds – Illuminated Interactive Inflatables

Kristian Gohlke (DE), Christian Wiegert (DE)


Installation – Membranes, Electronics, Air, Light (2019)

Interactive pressure-stabilized membrane structures (“Pneus”), suspended from the ceiling, discreetly illuminated from the inside. As visitors pass through the room, through touch and draughts, the objects respond. Attempts to elucidate the objects creates a dialogue of light, sound and movement. In the course of the casual interaction, the visitors become part of a performance. The boundaries between viewer and performer, space and content begin to drift – bubbles wafting in clouds.



Kristian Gohlke (M.Sc. Digital Media) is a researcher, design engineer and interaction design consultant, based in Weimar, Germany. His work explores the interactions and frictions between humans and technology – embedded within the context of their perceptions and actions. Gohlke is Associate Professor for Interaction Design & Product Design at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, where he also conducts research on the future of tangible user-interfaces.

Christian Wiegert is a communication designer from Mannheim and a product designer from Weimar. During his math lessons he discovered that it is possible to program pictures with a graphical calculator. Today he designs websites, videos, graphics, illustrations and experiments with code.