It started with Cassette Culture!

Wolfgang Dorninger (AT)

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From K7 to autogenerative!

The ND Magazine from Austin, Texas, had the subtitle Content – Document – Exchange on the cover and under this motto, Wolfgang Dorninger also sailed since 1983 through the international waters of Mail Art with a focus on Cassette Culture. Countless letters, contributions in fanzines, long-lasting discourses, self-organized concert tours to other nodes and numerous transcendent cooperations created a network that, without a large master plan, had long-term and far-reaching effects on local music creation in Linz. In 1984 Dorninger performed for the first time at Ars Electronica with Monochrome Bleu. Later he also contributed to the Festival as curator and technical manager. “My main focus at ‘Ars’ was to present edged electronic music within the public space with formats like ‘Subtronic,’ ‘Ridin’ A Train,’ ‘Mego Loveboat’ or ‘Containerpark’ to mention some,” he explains. Based on his sonic history, Dorninger will present a sound installation at this year’s Ars Electronica Festival built on tape-loops, self-soldered autogenerative music machines, synthetic bird sounds and algorithmic soundworks with tactile speakers, horns and subwoofers to celebrate 40 years of Ars Electronica.


It started with Cassette Culture!/Wolfgang Dorninger (AT), Credit: Wolfgang Dorninger



Wolfgang Dorninger (AT): Sound is the main focus of the artistic work of Wolfgang Dorninger, whether as A&R of the label base, as a musician and composer, sound designer, sound artist or lecturer at the Art University Linz. Two opposite worlds of sound occupy his work: Dorninger oscillates between musique concrète and digital sound-production in a range spanning sound installations, multi-media performances, music for theater and techno.