Curly Cable

Andrea Rebok (AT)


The kinetic installation *Curly Cable* celebrates the presence, function, and aesthetics of spiral cables. Coiled cables arranged vertically side by side are alternately stretched by motor in order to be returned to their original contracted position at the next moment. Varying light projections, which meet the cables, enable various moments of shadow on the wall surface behind and create an exciting interplay between the immateriality of light and shadow and the material in between: the cables as a stylistic device and information carrier. The moving cables tell a story about a past in which there were no cables, a present in a cable-oriented world, and a possible wireless future. In an endless loop, the stretching apart and the contraction of the cables can be perceived. The play of light and shadow increases the visibility of the cables but also visualizes their slow disappearance.


Project Credits:

  • Supported by Conrad



Andrea Rebok (AT) explores the function, application, and the historical background of various materials and objects. She conjures narratives that live in objects and places them at the center of her work. She plays quickly and loosely with different media and materials. Her current work Curly Cable is dedicated to the function and aesthetics of cables and their influence on the direct transmission of information. Distance is becoming increasingly insignificant due to technical progress, on which cables have had and continue to have a great impact.