Mira Alida Haberfellner (AT), Elisabeth Valarie Maurer (AT), Textiles Zentrum Haslach (AT), Ars Electronica (AT)

FabLab 2019 is a mobile textile laboratory. In an open-manufacturing format, non-digitally controlled forms of work processes are communicated. It’s the place to print, sew, fold, and above all, experiment. It’s all about fun, according to the motto “back to the basics.” Getting to know old traditions and rediscovering them. The joy of doing and experimenting is central, and everyone’s invited! The end result is not a temporary message in the world wide web, but rather an individual piece of art to take back home or a communal total work of art created by the commitment of the festival-goers. Communication done differently!

How does a hand loom actually work? How are pleats created?

All of these questions can be experienced and answered in actual practice at FabLab.

with kind support from: