FM4 Extraleben

ORF radio FM4 (AT)

Founded in the fall of 2013 by an editorial team comprised of radio journalists Conny Lee, Rainer Sigl and Robert Glashüttner, the claim of the monthly radio program FM4 Extraleben is “Let’s talk about computer games.” Each episode is dedicated to a specific topic, examined from the perspective of various aspects of digital game culture – such as work, architecture, sexuality, health, realism or learning. FM4 Extraleben is characterized by well-researched yet casual, sociable, and understandable talks, collectively negotiating arguments, exploring aspects and exchanging theme-specific/relevant anecdotes. Products (certain games) and reviews are secondary to FM4 Extraleben, the focus being on playfully conducted debates and analyses around videogame culture.

An FM4 Extraleben talk-show about “Artificial Intelligence and Games”, live at Ars Electronica Festival: Saturday, September 7th, from 3-4 pm at Spiral Halls, Post City. Conny, Rainer and Robert will welcome media artist Hakan Lidbo as a special guest. His hybrid games “Mathrix” and “Alterplex” are part of the festival and will also be shown during the Extraleben talk.