Japanese Media Art Timeline Infographics Project

Atsuhito Sekiguchi(JP), Hiroko Myokan(JP), Minoru Noma (JP), Keiko Kobayashi (JP), Ryoji Tanaka (JP)

POSTCITY, Roof Top, Ars On Wire 40 Years Ars Electronica

Japanese artworks at the PRIX ARS Electronica and Japan Media Arts Festival over the past forty years of Japanese media art activity

We are trying to build a history of Japanese Media Art from the event, with the artistic support of company Mesena (mécénat) and through the student-teacher relationships at the educational research institute. It will consist of an infographic that clearly displays the relationship between the winning projects at PRIX Ars Electronica and those at the Japan Media Art Festival.

Project Credits:

  • Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
  • Atsuhito Sekiguchi (AUA/JP)
  • Hiroko Myokan (JP)
  • Minoru Noma (CDC/JP)
  • Keiko Kobayashi (JP)
  • Ryoji Tanaka (Semitransparent Design/JP)


The website interface of the student-teacher relationship at the educational research institute: http://bunkacho-person.semitra.com/en.html


Atsuhito SEKIGUCHI, Professor of Aichi University of the Arts, was born in Tokyo in 1958. He graduated with a masters in painting from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1983. Between 1998 and 2009, he was a Professor at IAMAS (the Institute of Media Arts and Sciences). In 1999, he exhibited at the 9th Canon Art LAB 9th (“Connected Re-body”) held in Tokyo, and at Sendai Media Tech (“Kaikan”) in 2002. He was President of IAMAS between 2009-2013. In 2016, he exhibited at Art LAB Aichi (“La guerre”), in Nagoya. Mr. Sekiguchi has since directed art robotics as a project in arts & sciences for Art Analysis Research.