NORAA – Machinic Doodles

Jessica In (UK/AU)


How do we recognize objects when we draw them with lines and strokes? What rules do we use to draw in a particular order from one point to another? And can a machine be taught to learn to draw on its own, without being given explicit instructions? What insights does this provide into the human process of drawing?

Machinic Doodles is an interactive game installation that examines the collaboration between a human and a robot named NORAA, an artificial intelligence that is learning to draw. It studies how humans express ideas through strokes in a drawing, and how a machine can learn to draw using an artificial neural network.

Project Credits:

  • Jessica In, 2018 (UK/AU)
  • George Profenza (UK/RO), Sam Price (UK)
  • This project is presented in the framework of the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab and co-funded by the
    Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.