Modified Paradise: Dress

AnotherFarm (JP)


In our daily lives, we rarely become conscious of the fact that most animals and plants that we see around us continue to be genetically modified by our own hands. In Edo-period (1603 – 1868) Japan, people commonly modified plants and flowers such as cherry blossoms in pursuit of more beautiful greenery. Silkworms, along with the development of clothing materials, were another subject of genetic modification. Today, scientific technology allows us to control genes extremely precisely, and in turn, we are required to have a higher sense of ethics

Modified Paradise is a series of sculptural works made from “luminescent silk” – created by genetically modified silkworms developed by adding the genes of glowing jellyfish and corals. The dress, which floats within a frame with no body, aims to encourage us to think about the extremes and limitations of the interaction between art, science, and technology.

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AnotherFarm (JP) (Hiromi Ozaki [Sputniko!], Masaya Kushino and Kensho Tambara) is an art collective consisting of artists Hiromi Ozaki (Sputniko!), Masaya Kushino, and Kensho Tambara, founded in 2018. Working with newly discovered mediums, AnotherFarm explores the limits and extremes of human intervention in nature. Works have been shown at Nature: Collaborations in Design (2019, Cooper Hewitt Museum & Cube Design Museum), Ars Electronica Center (2019), and Triennale di Milano (2019).