ROBOTIKA, The Nannybot

Joaquín Fargas (AR)


Are we, human beings, able to guarantee the preservation of the human species? Are we facing the end of human civilization? Can we trust in AI to perpetuate humanity?

Robotika is a cyber nanny whose duty is to preserve the human race. Robotika challenges the limits of the human being concept. It is a robot vested with artificial intelligence that shall act as a “galactic ark,” looking for a suitable environment for human development.



Joaquín Fargas (AR). Through science, he communicates concepts and theories in a playful and poetical manner. Through art, he teaches how to grasp the properties of nature and become aware of its care.

His production is centered on possible or utopian proposals related to life, its preservation and the interrelationship between living beings and the future. In his work, he integrates biological materials and technological media aimed at breaking down barriers and generating possible dialogues.