Evelina Rajca (PL)

OÖ Kulturquartier
Digital Musics & Sound Art




Sand, or to put it more precisely high-purity silicon dioxide particles, is the essential raw material from which we make concrete, glass, fiberoptic cables, computer chips, and other high-tech hardware. The installation Bodies features “glass instruments” made of quartz sand that Evelina Rajca collected from disappearing beaches and mountains around the world. The multisensory sound installation consists of those two glass resonators, sensors, motors, and an algorithmic composition created partly by AI learning processes. In order to keep on playing and to avoid a “resonance disaster” (the destruction of the glass or motor), the algorithmic program has to learn to conduct a variety of smart frequencies. What can be heard is the sound of sand, which is pure yet complex and ever-changing. Bodies / Evelina Rajca (PL), Credit: Tom Mesic