Solar Walk

Réka Bucsi (HU)

OÖ Kulturquartier
Computer Animation




Solar Walk shows the journey of individuals and their creations on through time and space.

Any meaning behind the actions only exists from the viewpoint of the individual but not from the perspective of an entire solar system. Réka Bucsi conveys in her whimsical animation the melancholy acceptance of chaos as something beautiful and cosmic.


Project Credits:

  • Director: Réka Bucsi
  • Storyboard: Réka Bucsi
  • Layout: Jason Reicher, Réka Bucsi
  • Background artist: Réka Bucsi
  • Animation: Nicole Stafford, Jason Reicher, Cyrille Chauvin, Pernille Kjaer
  • Generalist: Lars Hemmingsen
  • Compositing: Lars Hemmingsen, Asger Kjaerholm
  • Sound and mixing: Péter Benjámin Lukács
  • Music: Mads Vadsholt
  • Production manager: Loréne Lescanne
  • Producer: Morten Thorning (The Animation Workshop/VIA University College), Claus Toksvig (Norlum)