Ars Electronica Animation Festival - Young Animations

Every year young, gifted filmmakers from Austria submit their weird, subtle, witty, utopian, critical and dystopian works for the Prix Ars Electronica’s category of u19—create your world. They show us their strong imagination, their deep understanding of certain topics, all expressed through their abilities within one medium. This program is a selection of Animations coming from young creatives and young professionals from different age groups (17-19) and skill sets.

Ars Electronica Animation Festival: Egg, kai - a little too much, Cosmoetico
Martina Scarpelli (IT)

Italian filmmaker based in Denmark with studies in Milan, Turin, and a variety of residence experiences and distinctions.

Ars Electronica Animation Festival - Austrian Panorama

What does it mean to commit suicide in a digital world? Can we exist as fragmented digital identities? What happens when we do not play by the rules of in-game environments? Why do unicorns like water games? Does the earth revolve around me? This program features a selection of Austrian film directors.

Ars Electronica Animation Festival - Welcome to Planet B

Change is an inevitable condition of reality for both living and non-living things. Movement, development, evolution, and dissolution is part of the scheme. But is change anthropocentric? What exactly could we expect from it in the future? Change can mean resolution, embrace, or reconnection; it can be ironic, dreamy, climate-related, abstract, or destructive.

Ars Electronica Animation Festival - Electronic Theatre

The Electronic Theatre is the annual best-of program, a compilation of outstanding animated films, chosen by the jury from the submitted works in the category Computer Animation. The selection showcases current productions in terms of artistic content, as well as cultural and technological innovation.

Expanded Animation Symposium
Hagenberg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (AT)

Das Expanded Animation Symposium, das vom Campus Hagenberg der Fachhochschule Oberösterreich veranstaltet wird, beschäftigt sich mit dem weiten und sich ständig weiterentwickelnden Feld der Animation und ihren unzähligen Verbindungen zu anderen Disziplinen.

Ars Electronica Animation Festival: Experimental Animation

Experimental and innovative forays into various forms of animation are on display here.

Ars Electronica Animation Festival: Being
Rashaad Newsome (US)

Being (2022) is a nonbinary, non-race AI created by combining animation game engines, scripted responses, generative grammars and unique machine-learning models.