Welcome to Planet B - Deep Space

There are many concepts to combat the climate crisis, but which measures are the most promising? "Welcome to Planet B", the new program by the Ars Electronica Futurelab, lets visitors of the Deep Space 8K choose: In a virtual reality based on data from Earth, they decide on various climate issues to better assess the consequences.

Dataspace: Global impacts of the Russian war on Ukraine
Nikkei Innovation Lab (JP), Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

Dataspace proposes a "newspaper of the future": Here, the Ars Electronica Futurelab and financial newspaper Nikkei's Innovation Lab demonstrate, how art and journalism can help to listen carefully to facts and think deeply rather than just consuming and reacting to news.

Ars Electronica Animation Festival: Egg, kai - a little too much, Cosmoetico
Martina Scarpelli (IT)

Italian filmmaker based in Denmark with studies in Milan, Turin, and a variety of residence experiences and distinctions.

Project %, Blue Tears and Sandbox – The Taiwan Special
Lien-Cheng Wang (TW), Aluan Wang (TW), Jinyao Lin (TW), Hsiao-Yue Tsao (TW), Chin-Hsiang Hu (TW), Tzu-Liang Chen (TW), Yu-Hao Lee (TW)

Based on Project Percentage by FAB DAO (Formosa Art Bank DAO), three Taiwanese audiovisual artists, Lien-Cheng Wang, Aluan Wang, and Jin-Yao Lin, will have a 30 minutes long show at Deep Space. The performance uses Taiwan’s mountain ridges as materials to outline the mountains in the digital world.

Teletext is Art
Bloom Jr. (DE), Buzzlightning (DE), Gleb Divov (LT/RU), Christoph Faulhaber (DE), Max Haarich (DE), Juha van Ingen (FI), KleinTonno (DE), Claudie Linke (DE), Nissla (AT), Numo (DE), Quasimondo (DE), Jarkko Räsänen (FI), Mamadou Sow (DE), sp4ce (DE) and tius (DE)

The teletext exhibition “Teletext is Art” will be shown in a presentation at Deep Space 8K. Five of the participating artists present their artworks, provide insights into the technical implementation of teletext artworks and the aspect of immortalization as NFTs in the blockchain.

Our Earths VR Preview
Sebastian Postl (AT), Claudia Puck (AT), Sebastian Pichelhofer (AT), Katharina Keiblinger (AT), Jelena Obradovic (AT), Roberto Schaefer, ASC, AIC (AT), Johann Steinegger (AT)

Looking back in a few hundred years, how will humanity have prevented the collapse by climate crisis, resource scarcity, species extinction and exponential growth? This project creates a science-based utopia - the success story of mankind - and fuses animation and real film elements into an immersive 3D experience with an atmospheric soundtrack in a virtual reality experience.

Fragility & Beauty – Earth from Space
Nils Sparwasser (DE), Robert Meisner (DE), Rupert Huber (AT)

Join us on a journey around the world with breathtaking satellite images of our planet. Robert Meisner (ESA) and Nils Sparwasser (DLR) show how beautiful, fragile and endangered our planet is and how we are changing the surface of the Earth at an unprecedented speed. Be fascinated by the possibilities of Earth observation satellites, which today permanently provide us with information about the state of our planet.

Taking the pulse of our planet from space
Simonetta Cheli (IT) , Robert Meisner (DE)

The view of the Earth from space is the only perspective that allows us to observe changes on our planet. To demonstrate the relevance and value of Earth observation in terms of environmental and socio-economic benefits, the journey takes us to current issues around climate change with a virtual presentation.

The Nature of Systems
Sebastian Pirch (AT), Norbert Unfug (AT), Christiane V. R. Hütter (AT), Jörg Menche (DE) 

We live in the anthropocene, where human and natural ecosystems collide. In this interactive visualization, we explore the emergence and breakdown of complex systems from the cellular to the planetary scale. Life emerges from the interactions of biomolecules, cities from connecting people, the global society from sharing ideas. These systems can be beautiful, but also fragile.

The Art of enjoying the Silence
Georgios Tsampounaris (GR) 

A meditative immersive experience of sea-view, underwater, landscapes and wave soundscapes in Mediterranean.  The more you see and hear repetitive patterns and sounds, the more you start observing micro-details.