Ars Electronica ANIMATION FESTIVAL 2022

After two very challenging years, the Ars Electronica Animation Festival returns to its physical space. The screening programs and presentations will be shown at the JKU Campus and the Ars Electronica Center Deep Space 8K. The Expanded Animation Symposium and the Synaesthetic Syntax conference, organized with the UCA since 2020, will take place at the Ars Electronica Center.

Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition

Das Netzwerk der Zusammenarbeit bei Ars Electronica wurde während der Pandemie deutlicher denn je. In den Jahren 2020 und 2021 wurde das Festival zu einer dezentralen Veranstaltung, die an mehr als 180 Orten auf allen fünf Kontinenten gleichzeitig stattfand. 2022 wandelt sich das Festival erneut, und die Ars Electronica Garden Partner sind eingeladen, ihre Perspektiven und Projekte aktiv in das Kernprogramm des Festivals einzubringen, das in Linz stattfindet.

Cooperative Aesthetics Performance
Botond Kelemen (HU), Bálint Budai (HU), Daniel Haas (artistname STURMHERTA) (AT )

Mold yourself! Fungi have existed for billions of years, setting the stage for humanity by supporting, carrying and converting life. – Schwarzes Rauschen (Black Noise) The project is an immersive, interactive installation, consisting of 12 different, dynamic worlds, which change their structures with the movement of the group of people currently being tracked.

Elliott Gaston-Ross (GB/IE) , Indiara Di Benedetto (IT)

The project Rooted performed at the Deep Space 8K is an artistic depiction of the effects of climate change on our planet through live electroacoustic musical performance with accompanimental visual effects by Indiara Di Benedetto.