Extended Realms
Teng Xue (CN), Jiadan Chu (CN), Haoran Mai (CN), Jialing Li (CN), Yinzhe Qu (CN), MaryJane Mousa (SY), Cynthia Deeb (LB), Jenny Merheb (CA), Bami Oke (UK), Xiyan Chen (CN), Xirui Yang (CN), Yilei Guo (CN), Junlie Chen (CN), Altagracia Spannring (AT), Wilhelm Schlenz (AT), Florian Juen (AT)

Where do we go when we run out of space? Out into the void? Into our machines? In what new dimensions can we grow and create? By exploring the potential of other extended dimensions of reality and peering into the inner workings of our own psyches, this collection of projects tackles the subject of how humanity’s presence can expand beyond the physical.

Agents of Change
Alicia Leonie Waibel (DE), Ziyue Wang (CN), Weiran Li (CN), He Ji (CN), Xingyue Guo (CN), Xiaoting Tan (CN), Meiyi Jiang (CN), Qi Qi (CN), Adam Ray Braun (UK), Aikaterini Kipeni-Thalassinou (EL), James Camilleri (MT), Wei-Lin Chang (TW), Jaehyeong Yoo (KR)

What creatures and constructs could bring about a brave new world? Would they be digital, biological, neither or both? These projects deal with enigmatic creations, amalgamations of science and art which attempt to offer a glimpse of what entities we may share the planet with in the near and far future.

Liminal Space(s)
Courtney Klein (CA), Tsai-Chi (Kiki) Lin (TW), Evelynn Zhang (SG), Junming Bang (KR), Pei Shan Lin (TW), Yiming Gong (CN), Tafara Manika (UK), Daphne (Ting-Yu) Chu (TW), Alexander Ward (UK), Laila Selim (EG), Lee Wang (TW), Samia Kapadia (IN), Dearista Nooria Kusuma (ID), Ding Yue (CN), Bryanna Kelly (US), Weronika Kubak (PL), Kieran Harris (UK), Saiyuan Li (CN), Sandra Al Jbali (AT), Jovljevic Zeljka (AT), Michael Hetzenauer (AT), Johannes Resch (AT), Ritu Kittur (IN)

Dusk, doorways, and doctor’s waiting rooms — transitionary spaces loaded with possibility or trepidation. The 21st century is undoubtedly a turning point for the planet, and we all wait with bated breath. Celebrating the in-between, these works explore transitions, change and movement to gain a deeper understanding of where humanity stands in the face of rapid scientific, environmental, and societal change.