Scales of Care

Liminal Space(s)

Courtney Klein (CA), Tsai-Chi (Kiki) Lin (TW), Evelynn Zhang (SG), Junming Bang (KR), Pei Shan Lin (TW), Yiming Gong (CN), Tafara Manika (UK), Daphne (Ting-Yu) Chu (TW), Alexander Ward (UK), Laila Selim (EG), Lee Wang (TW), Samia Kapadia (IN), Dearista Nooria Kusuma (ID), Ding Yue (CN), Bryanna Kelly (US), Weronika Kubak (PL), Kieran Harris (UK), Saiyuan Li (CN), Sandra Al Jbali (AT), Jovljevic Zeljka (AT), Michael Hetzenauer (AT), Johannes Resch (AT), Ritu Kittur (IN)

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Dusk, doorways, and doctor’s waiting rooms — transitionary spaces loaded with possibility or trepidation. The 21st century is undoubtedly a turning point for the planet, and we all wait with bated breath. Celebrating the in-between, these works explore transitions, change and movement to gain a deeper understanding of where humanity stands in the face of rapid scientific, environmental, and societal change.