Pijus Chraptavičius (LT)

Control can be lost in love, at work, through death or physical illness. Everything becomes fragile and like in slow motion. It seems to make the situation difficult to manage or even out of control.

Jokūbas Vaicekauskas (LT)

Mesh — Merging different things that suit each other, work perfectly together. Network. Mush — Different things are combined, becoming one, no longer clear, no longer separable from each other. As technology is constantly being renewed, people’s relationship with the world is also changing, we live in times when, wearing “glasses”, we can stand on a magnified mushroom and look around, fly through the inside of the mushroom. Conditions have been created for viewers to view, explore, and play with digitalized mushrooms grown from an organic mycelium network in a digital network.

Computer hug
Julija Kuprijaškinaitė (LT)

Phones and computers are daily companions of our lives. We spend a lot of time with them, they are almost always with us, nearby. A certain connection/relation is established between personal technological devices and a person: they begin to function as “self-therapy” instruments. Using a phone or computer, immersed in the virtual world, we try to take a break from the difficulties of everyday life, satisfy our social needs, or calm down. Often, just the physical presence of a phone or computer nearby provides a kind of sense of security and peace. I have noticed how much physical contact we have with these technological devices on a daily basis, and how little compared to another person, and how often we look to them for a helping hand.

Natalija Lokcikaitė (LT)

Metaverse as a post-reality universe where physical reality merges with digital virtuality. When physical reality is gone, humans need to feel the simulated environment will remain. Innate senses will give way to a new sense of touch, and embodiment will become one way to experience the environment, matter and bodies. Visual experiences will deceive the brain that we actually merge or are there and we will materialize in the space around us. I invite you to sit on the fake grass and experience the confrontation with reality and think about how strong and complex the sensations are.

Talking cube
Gailė Cijūnaitytė (LT)

The Talking Cube is a multisensory, multifunctional masterpiece for therapeutic training and interactivity, designed to teach the principle of action and consequence, color recognition, picture recognition, hearing, motor skills and concentration. It also encourages physical movement — reaching, grabbing, throwing, rolling the cube. This way the patient not only plays with the cube, but also with the entire room controlled by the cube. Carefully and precisely designed, the talking cube is designed to befriend people of all ages and abilities. Based on ROMPA Description of the talking cube

Tata Frenkel (LT)

This is a performative lecture during which a certain socio-poetic reference book called Anti-saving Instrumentary is taught. These are anti-preservation instruments. Mental drawings, verbal constructs, tornadoes. [ɡrɐˈza] concerns the methods of excessive interpretation — which the author creates here and now based on the principle of synecdoche.

Jan Georg Glöckner (LT)

“I think in the west we seriously underestimate or at least are not aware of the impact of smells on our behavior. Alongside this we are also not aware of the powerful tools we are provided by our bodies to detect and interpret smells. I think if we use the last two sentences as a hypothesis to work with, there is the possibility to be propelled into new areas of composition and choreography!”

Models of Used Car Market
Ignas Pavliukevičius (LT)

Right after the pandemic, young artists in Lithuania were hit by the war. The unrest in neighboring countries enabled them to work out how to calm down, find new ways of communication, come up with methods for resilience and survival. Let’s make art and (sur)render new virtualities to help Ukraine win. All in order to strive and continue making art. We already have Planet B more real than ever!