Roots & Seeds XXI

The sustainability discourse has largely played out in the domains of natural sciences and technology, with recent contributions from the social and political sciences. However, our individual and collective actions have lagged behind and the actual problems of sustainability have become worse in the same period. The Roots & Seeds project addresses this topic.

Sensing a new time & space
Rupert Huber (AT), Alexander Minichmair (AT), Klaus Dieterstorfer (AT), Felix Minichmair (AT), Florian Berger (AT)

Sensing a new time & space, sonification and visualization of the dynamics of a society at the brink of a radical shift towards a new paradigm of sustainability and empathy for the biosphere.

Solastalgia Detector
Erika Mondria (AT)

Solastalgia is a new form of stress caused by environmental changes. Use the Solastalgia Detector to discover, via unconscious mind activity, what your tendency is towards this new sense of loss.

Klasse! Lernen. Wir sind digital.

The exhibition presents the education prize winners of the first open call. Students and teachers from Austrian schools worked together to show how diverse and creative Digital Education Training in schools can be.

Ars Electronica Futurelab: Life Ink Exhibition
Wacom Co., Ltd. (JP); Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

In the Life Ink exhibition, the Ars Electronica Futurelab presents wearable gear for the real-time visualization of brainwave and body signals as digital brush strokes, called Life Ink. The project explores the inner mechanism of creativity in our brain and body to develop a new form of ink. Life Ink is part of the lab's Future Ink research project with Wacom, with workshops and demonstrations on Space Ink, Bio Ink and Life Ink throughout the Festival.

Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau: The Artwork as a Living System
Christa Sommerer (AT), Laurent Mignonneau (FR)

The retrospective at OK Linz is a tribute to Christa Sommerer's and Laurent Mignonneau's life’s work as internationally active media artists, pioneers, researchers and teachers of interactive art. It shows works from the years 1991 to 2021.

The Festival University 2022
Ars Electronica (AT), JKU (AT)

200 Students — Faculty of Experts, Lecturers, Mentors, Inspirers. Global challenges of tomorrow require a new approach – one based on creativity and co-creation. The Festival University, a joint initiative between Ars Electronica and Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU), invites students from around the world to jointly develop planetary strategies for change and transformation.

Transformation Lounge

Questioning learned patterns, throwing usual strategies overboard, thinking new ways and coming to common solutions - the Transformation Lounge developed together with the big Japanese advertising and PR agency Hakuhodo is not an exhibition, it is a place of encounter and discourse.

Sound Park - Auditory Scenes

In a world dominated by visual stimuli, just listening can be a haven of tranquility. The Sound Park — located in Kepler’s Gardens at the Campus of the JKU — offers the chance to relax and engage in active listening processes.

S+T+ARTS Prize Exhibition
STARTS Prize 2022

The exhibition presents numerous innovative and prototypical projects that have been awarded the European Commission's STARTS Prize 2022 for their groundbreaking collaborations between science, technology and art.